Executive Coaching

  • How do I fulfil my new role as an executive?
  • How do I make the right decisions?
  • How do I implement these decisions in an effective way?
  • How do I prepare myself for important conversations?
  • How do I solve conflicts between employees, colleagues or in a team?

Whether you’ve just been promoted to an executive position or you already have years of experience – as a coach I’ll support and help you take a closer look at these kind of questions and to find suitable answers. We’ll define objectives, dedicate ourselves to understanding your position as an executive and find a way to achieve your goals confidently. Together we’ll analyse your issues and beliefs from different perspectives to reveal new motivations and strengths. To achieve these aims, we employ techniques and tools, which develop and consolidate your style as an executive manager.

As your coach, I’ll help you to deal with these or similar questions and how to find the correct answers for you personally. I do not suggest answers, but support you to find them yourself. In the process of coaching you will also learn how to combine the different roles in life, how to identify your wishes and role models, how to question your targets and how to form a clear vision of the future.

Team Coaching

  • How do I solve conflicts within a team?
  • How do I optimize team?
  • How do I successfully integrate new team members?
  • How do I improve team communication?
  • How do I bring vision and team together?

The team’s productivity, efficiency and ethics depends mainly on solidarity, understanding and contentment between the team members. The team-coaching deals with the improvement of the atmosphere in the team, the detection of disruptive factors and the development of mutual trust, perspectives and future development.

Together we’ll define targets, expand possibilities and develop doctrines and communication channels. We’ll apply these useful tools and techniques to not only strengthen the team as a unit, but also every team member and their individual skills.

Qualification awards (extract):

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In the group coaching class of the trainee centre, I lead, A. R. is appreciated as a coach who deals with questions personally and invites to new ways of thinking. At the same time he guides the group respectfully and without compulsion to insightful perspectives.

G. Nussbaum, Leiter der Arturo Schauspielschule Köln

I was guided through a deep self-identification process, which had already raised some questions in me. The coach led me carefully and at a sensible pace. He engendered a great amount of tranquility and empathy and I felt I could trust him. I'm happy, I made this experience.

(K. from Neuwied, 55)

I felt recognized and understood as a person. The working method was well selected and corresponded to my type of thinking and behaviour. The coach provided a calm and patient guidance, giving me time and space.

(P. from Cologne, 43)

The coach was attentive, understanding and well prepared for the session. I never felt forced to push forward and my personal limits have always been respected. Thanks to the coaching I enjoy more peace and relaxation in my every day life.

(C. from Cologne, 39)

The coaching was performed professionally and competently. The conversations as well as the practical exercises have encouraged me to rethink and question. The change of perspectives and ideas was very rewarding to me. Thanks to the coaching I feel strengthened in the selection of my goals.

(S. from Karlsbad, 57)